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on the rocks

on the rocks1

Rundwanderweg am Nebelhorn link



This was quite a thunderstorm passing by….

nearly looked like a tornado


New HD :-)



after my PC had switched of for no obvious reason I opened the case and found the ssd-powercable had burned … I suppose it was a short in the cable. My SSD connected to the cable did not look good at all and I thougt I had lost it all. A few tries later, cleaning the connectors and rebooting gave hope, as it seemed to work. But then it froze and switched down. Trying to find a new machine was quite a hassle and it would have been a lot of work. Long story short I disasembled my computer,  cleaned it again and gave it a chance. Looking stable and working again I only decided to replace my data-HD wich was over 5 years old. Today I installed the new 2 TB drive and backuped all the data like 400 GB of pics and docs and vids. Still keeping my fingers crossed it´ll be fine now.

Little tree in a big forrest

flying-my-kite-birds-eye-view #2

second try to get a birdseyeview flying my kite 🙂

09-kitecam 10-kitecam

see the video:

Link to the first try: Flying my kite bird’s eye view​​

The ant and the rose …

08-The Ant and the rose

… let your fantasy continue the story however you please 😉

Roses taking a morning shower





‚Cities in Black and White‘ Photo Assignment — National Geographic Your Shot

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Snow :-)